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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 2, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: this is a special edition of "the fox report." a single sponsor, with limited commercial interruption for the next hour. we begin with a ground beef recall. a warning of ee.coli. plus politics and the first big election since president obama took office. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. three races and one night that could help predict america's political future. >> you can't find two more different people than me and jon corzine. >> the stakes of this election could not be higher. shepard: tonight, in new jersey, in new york, and in virginia, election machines are fired up for contests that could be a sign of what's to come for congress. and, for the white house. first, from fox tonight, an urgent recall of a half million pounds of ground beef following two deaths and dozens of
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illnesses across our nation. health officials say the e.coli bacteria may be to blame. remember undercooked beef can cause e.coli poisoning. if you eat it, it can make you very sick and even cause your kidneys to shut down. the federal centers for disease control and prevention now reports that two people are dead in new hampshire and new york. most likely, they say, from e.coli infection. we're told most of the other suspected e.coli infections are reported in states in new england. but the cdc also warns that the ground beef at risk has been distributed to stores all up and down the east coast, including stores in massachusetts, new jersey, pennsylvania, maryland, virginia, and north carolina. u.s. department of agriculture reports that the possibility of tainted beef may be sold in the form of meat loaf, meatball mix, and hamburger patties. team fox coverage of this recall tonight jonathan hunt on the recent string of tainted food outbreaks but first to david lee miller on details from this
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outbreak from our newsroom. >> authorities at this hour are still trying to get a full extent on the e.coli contamination. only moments ago the u.s. department of agriculture says eight e.coli cases confirmed linked to the beef including the death. the beef was produced by fair banks farms in ashville, new york and voluntarily been recalled. all of the products dated and had to be sold no later than october 7. that means the beef in question should no longer be on store shelves. the problem is shoppers who bought it weeks ago may have it in their home freezers for possible later use. sold in trader joe's, price chopper, wild harvest, b.j.'s and giant foods. part of it was redistributed. authorities don't know every place it was sold. the beef being recalled has the identifying code printed on it esp 492 that will be on the inspection mark or on nutrition
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label. it doesn't mean the beef is contaminated but it could be. if you need more info on this specific product contact the fair bank farm hot lines at 877-546-0122. and, remember, e.coli can be deadly. shepard? shepard: david lee miller live in new york. thanks. this latest recall part of a continuing problem it would appear in america. each year tainted foods kill an average of 5,000 people and sicken more than 70 million others. "the fox report" correspondent job than hunt live and centered in our newsroom. those numbers sound pretty high but they really only represent a fraction of the total cases, right? >> absolutely, shep. weave obviously only hear about the big recalls, today's announcement, for instance, go back to 2008. the whole mark beef recall, 143 million pounds of beef. and, of course, earlier this year the peanut recall. those are the ones that we hear about. but the centers for disease control tells us that most, not some, but most food born
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illnesses are not actually reported. that's because in so many cases the victims simply don't go to their doctors they think they're a little bit sick to their stomach. or, if they do go to the doctors, the doctors don't actually diagnose it specifically. the bottom line is, shep, we are eating tainted food much more than we even realize. shepard: are the experts saying anything about why this appears to be happening so often? >> we spoke to jean hallerran she is the food safety expert at "consumer reports." she told us this is basically the result of years of neglect of the inspection and regulation system. she says that there simply have to be more inspections. she also pointed out that some factories are producing food and deemed high risk are actually only inspected on average once every 10 years. she said they should be inspected at least once every six months but, of course, shep, that means a lot more inspectors and that means a lot more money. shep? shepard: i don't know than,
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-- jonathan, thanks. lines are open for special chat for jonathan hunt. we will check back with him later in the hour to see what you are saying. that's right now on fox go to our web site for the tainted beef with a link off the main page. we're tracking h1n1 and a new group is keeping a close eye on the vaccines to make sure they are safe. federal health officials report independent experts started looking at data from the government and the companies that make the vaccines. those same officials stress they are not expecting any problems. in fact, so far 10 million viruses out. intror zero reports of problems to the cdc. they want to identify them quickly. they want to put fears to death if common disorders where incorrectly linked to the h1n1 vaccine. word tonight of a possible link
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between birth defects and common prescriptions used by pregnant women. the drugs in question are two types of antibiotics used to treat urinary tract infections. researchers say women who had babies with birth defects were more likely to have used those antibiotics during pregnancy. scientists stopped short of saying that the drugs caused the birth defects. untreated infections can cause serious problems for the fetus so women should not avoid antibiotics entirely buck check with their doctors, penicillin drugs, which are the most common for pregnant women, also seem to be the safest. fox news is america's election headquarters. here on election eve for many of you, experts tell us there are a few local rations that could have a big national impact. president obama has campaigned repeatedly in two governor's races. am lists say some of the results could say something about the president's popularity and what's in store for the 2010 congressional elections.
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there is one house race this year that has republicans in many cases arguing with each other. in fact, the g.o.p. candidate dropped out and endorsed the democrat. so what does that mean for republicans nationwide, if anything, heading into 2010. we have team fox coverage tonight. molly line watching that contest in new york. shannon bream on the new jersey's governor's race. first, get to carl cameron live tonight in richmond, virginia on the other battle for governor. virginia is looking for a republican pickup here if you believe the polls. >> it does, shep. we have just wrapped up a rally here in richmond at the airport with the republican candidate bob mcdonald, the former attorney general. literally for weeks he has had a comfortable double digit lead. and with the polls now set to close in oh about 24 hours, it looks like that lead is going to be very, very hard for democrats to undo. creigh deeds rural part of the state has had a difficult time getting obama voters who elected
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a president democrat first time in 40 years in virginia. getting them excited about deeds has not been particularly effective. as a consequence, republicans are looking ats that the first or one of the first pickups of the over bama era. shepard: what's the impact he may or may not had? >> the president hasn't been been here since the beginning part of last week. when you contrast that to his recent visit to jon corzine it suggests what has been whit perfected by campaign ad at the white house there was very little confidence among democrats that deeds could pull this off. the president made a tacet effort. the democratic governor's association poured in a lot of money, the last couple of weeks the wind left the sales and -- sails. the president put his press teeming on the line it wasn't enough to turn the tables. shepard: obviously a state race, karl.
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has the obama agenda made a difference either way. what are you hearing? >> obviously it has. you hear from voters on the campaign trail. the president's health care reform agenda, of the white house's health care reform agenda. the democratic congress's health care agenda has been a bit of a drag for the democrat. polls suggested in recent weeks that more than half of virginia voters had issues with the way democrats were handling things in washington. not that they were outright opposed to it but that they were concerned. that might have undermined some of deeds' potential support. when you add in things like cap and trade the climate change that democrats are advocating that is having impact because. whether it's despositive will take time. shepard: let's get to new jersey where the race for governor is much tighter. 24 hours before the polls are set to close. actually they close 8:00 tomorrow night eastern time. it appears that neither candidate has a clear edge this evening, according to the polls.
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republican chris christie challenging democratic candidate jon corzine. chris dag get is playing a role here we're told. in a new quinnipiac pole it shows christie with a 2 point edge. s it it's a statistical tie but within the margin of error. in an age of attack ads, they are hoping that last-minute star power might put them over the edge. shannon bream is live in freehold, new jersey, what's the thinking on whether the president's visit could make a difference there? >> governor corzine and his supporters are hoping it makes all the difference. in a race this tight one percentage point could be absolutely everything. the president was here to support governor corzine this weekend. the governor realizes this could be about more than just new jersey. here is what he had to say about the bigger picture. >> you know it's an important election when our president comes here three times over four months. >> the white house down played
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this today. press secretary there robert gibbs said let's not read too much into it or how much it may impact the midterm elections in 2010. it's clear the white house has invested a lot of time in this race in new jersey, shep. shepard: it would appear the independent candidate in this case could make a difference in the end. >> it certainly sounds like it would. talking about chris dag get, he is pulling in 12% in that quinnipiac poll. when you break down the numbers, the dagget supporters who say they may be willing to shift to someone else, 39% say when they do they are going with governor corzine. 29 percent said they gold with the challenger chris christie. it's also interesting to note tonight there is a report that the democratic state committee has admitted it has funded calls gone out slamming chris christie and supporting the independent chris dag g.p.s. gett there has been a lot made whether corzine and dagget are tied together. shepard: has the republican
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challenger here, chris christie, said whether is he concerned about an effect that this independent may have on his race race? >> you got to be they have to be discussing. this no one wants to talk about how it effected their chances. we asked christie about it earlier today. here is what he said. >> chris dag g.p.s. -- dagget will goat the votes he will get. i will get as many as chris christie votes as can i get. >> burn the midnight oil a as it were were with this election in a dead heat. shepard: shannon bream in new jersey. thanks. there is a congressional race in upstate, new york that's become a battle between some of the republican party's biggest stars. now last-minute drama with one of the within a democrats dropping out just days before the election. we told but this contest last week. it was a three-way race. the republican dee dee scoszzafava facing off against
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bill owens, the conservative there doug houghton. supports abortion rights, supports gay rights, that's what caused a split in the g.o.p. on october 16th, newt gingrich endorsed her, the moderate. a week later, sarah palin endorsed houghton, the conservative then this week scozzafava quit the race and endorsed the democrat. sound confusing? there is a lot to it molly line in new york. not a district that probably anybody out in the rest of the country has ever heard of before but molly at a very loud rally tonight where does things stand in what is now a two-person race? >> two-person race has really changed things here, shep. of the new nuns coming in shows hough sman gaining -- houghton gaining ground. she pulled out of the race. one concern, of course, that the conservative party has here is that people don't realize that
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scozzafava has pulled out switch over for mr. houghton. we are waiting to see how that would play out on election day. surprising as poll numbers come in because 64% were of her supporters consider themself republican and now mr. hoffman seems to be picking up those numbers. shepard: molly line fighting the music. lots of music, thank you. don't forget to catch complete coverage on every race tomorrow night. start at 6:00 eastern time on "special report" with bret baire. that's right here on america's election headquarters. if you like, check out our poll right do you think tomorrow's elections are a referendum on the obama presidency. get you the results. get up and vote now. fox the government pumped billions of our tax dollars into one major company.
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now that company has filed for bankruptcy protection. guess who will pay the price. do you think the feds have a good system for who gets bailed out and who gets ignored? coming up, we'll report. you decide. plus,. [bagpipes] america's largeest city welcomes the uss new york made from part of the steel from the twin towers. the sight brought proud smiles. again, limited interruption on a special edition of "the fox report." we're back in just 55 seconds.
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shepard: if you have a 40 k the highest court in the land heard investment. mutual funds. estimated 52 million american households or almost half of all families interest have their money invested in mutual funds. favorite investment tool of our
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401(k) retirement plans. here is how it works. mutual fund managers take money from groups of people and use that cash to purchase investments such as stocks and bonds. investors get a stake and added benefit of having a professional money manager. in return that professional take as fee a percentage of the money in the fund. well, the question now before the supreme court is this. whether mutual fund managers have a responsibility to make sure those fees are not excessive, whatever that word means. peter barnes at the fox business network was at the supreme court today. some of the justices didn't think this was an issue for the courts, that's right, shepard. we're talking about close to a hundred billion dollars on annual fees on $10 trillion in mutual fund assets. courts have ruled that investment managers cannot charge fees that are out of whack with the services they provide to investors. now, in this case some investors in a chicago mutual fund accused the investment fund with charging fees out of proportion
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with the services. in fact what they charged big pension funds. the mutual fund industry wants the supreme court to throw this case out. it says, among other things, competition is working in the industry and points out that there are about 8,000 mutual funds and that these are down nearly 60% over the last three decades but investor advocates say that the fees should have come down even more than that, that fund directors are too cozy with managers for one thing and rubber stamp their fees. investor advocates want the high court to allow this lawsuit to proceed to try to drive down fees even more through the threat of lawsuits. in tough questioning today, shep, it sounded to me like the justices were not too keen on having courts set those fees. shepard: bottom line here, peter, how does this case effect all of our investments? >> let's look at some real numbers to show you on how lower fees can help your investments. let's say that you have $25,000 in the mutual fund through your
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401(k) at work. if you earn a 7% annual return and pay the investment manager a fee of 0.5%, 1 one of 1%. at the end of 35 years, you will have $227,000 in your account but if you pay of a 1.5%. the manager takes more of the profit and look at this, you end up with only $163,000 after 35 years. $64,000 less. now, last time i checked, shep, $64,000 could buy you a few nice rounds of golf, a few nice steak dinners and a few nice cruises when you are retired. shepard: peter barnes live 00 our business desk. cit group has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. you may not have heard of crcit until recently but you know of the money it supports.
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it left-hand side money to 1 million small businesses. including franchises of dunkin' donuts and eddie bauer. because of the loans, those companies have been able to hire 90 million workers, helping the overall economy. but the credit crisis devastated cit last year the federal government loaned it $2.3 billion from taxpayers just to keep it running. that was not enough. after failing to convince bond holders to reorganize the company's debt, cit group is now in bankruptcy court. it's a move the analysts tell us is likely to wipe out all of the company's current stock holders that includes you, the american taxpayer. we probably won't get any money back. joining us now our senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. what happened here? >> this is the most bizarre situation. cit was around for 99 years. not as a bank but as factor. meaning if you are a small business and you have debts due to you, cit will pay 90% of those debts and go out and
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collect 100% and the difference is its problem. when the government dangle tarp funds in front of it, it was necessary for cit to become a bank. it didn't have any cash. so it borrowed $2 billion from goldman sachs and $2.3 billion from the government. now it collapses in bankruptcy. shep, when a company goes into bankruptcy the people who loop it be the money get paid first and the people who are the shareholders get paid second unless one of those people is the federal government. they get paid first. not in this bankruptcy. for some reason and a judge hasn't approved it yet, it was just filed on friday, guess who gets paid first? the mysterious goldman sachs, ahead of everybody else and ahead of the taxpayers. that is what is "newsweek" and mysterious and frustrating about this bankruptcy. shepard: we're led to believe that taxpayers won't get a dime back. >> we are led to believe that. if that is the case, it would be the first time in modern history that the federal government has
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not only allowed someone to stand in line ahead of it when what is left in the pie is being cut up and split but to get absolutely nothing. if a federal judge goes along with this and doesn't expose the mystery, it just continues. the former chair of goldman sachs was the secretary of the treasury when the money was loaned. the current secretary of the treasury is an alum news of goldman sachs. goldman keeps getting assistance and getting ahead of everybody else and keeps walking away with cash. shepard: there are a lot of dots but no lines to connect them. not yet. >> not yet. if a federal judge exposes this, we'll know the truth. shepard: judge napolitano. thank you. >> you are welcome. shepard: despite that cit bankruptcy filing wall street started the week on a positive note economy better than expected. one of them much better. the insubstitute for supply management says the nation's factories were busier last month with manufacturing activity growing at the fastest pace in more than three years. then there is the commerce department it reports
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construction spending rose in the month of september thanks to a big increase in the building of new homes. and here is a big one. tending sales of existing homes were up by more than 6% in the month of september. that's according to the national association of realtors. and they were expecting just one tenth of 1%. a sale is considered pending if a contract is signed but the sale hasn't closed. analysts say first-time home buyers have been jumping into the market to take advantage of a tax credit set to expire at the end of this month. stocks opened higher on the good news and jumped at the end of the day. closing bell dow was up 77. nasdaq up just barely and same for the s&p 500. eight years after the terrorists brought down the world trade center the towers returned to new york in part in the form of a navy assault ship. used more than 7 tons of world trade city steel to build the uss new york.
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it arrived today in the hudson river waters near manhattan and the remains that once symbolized one of america's darkest days are now being used to protect us all. laura ingle with the news from pier 88 in lower manhattan. hey, laura. >> hey, shep. well the twisted and charred remains of that steel that had been turned into a massive hulking war ship was an emotional site for many. many 9/11 first responders and many 9/11 family members on hand today to witness the grand entrance of the uss new york. brought some smiles and some tears as well with many people here saying this ship soldiers as a bold reminder new yorkers and americans will never forget. >> the uss new york arrived with a largest court with fire fighting police and coast guard boats like a protected public official or rock star heading to a stage. a fitting entourage for a ship this size. the uss new york is 684 feet long. 105 feet wide and weighs
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25,000 tons. 7.5 tons of salvage steel from the twin towers were melted down and molded into the ship's bough. as the ship made its way into the new york harbor it passed under the bridge and paused in the waters just outside the world trade center where marines on board gave a 21 gun salute. the warship muscled its way up the hudson river to pier 88 on the manhattan west side where it will stay parked the next 10 days. >> as a fellow new yorker that means a lot to everybody that the world trade center came back home to new york. >> it took a billion dollars and four years to complete. there is what is considered a communications master piece tucked away under two cones of steel, called the aems, advanced and closed masts that produce radar detection. kurt jones said he knew this ship was going to be special. >> i walked underneath the ship and put my hand on the hull and every hair on my body stood on end. >> the ship can carry 360 sailors and 700 marines.
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800 search mission. it is the fifth amphibious transport ship in the navy and be used to transport land marines, equipment, and supplies can and can hold four helicopters or two off sprays at a time. at today's welcoming ceremony says it elm bodies the strength and determines of the people who live here. >> every friend that sets foot on it, and every foe that dares challenge it will feel its power and know it is literally made from the heart and soul of a city that has sacrificed so much. >> we think of it as a phoenix rising from the ashes. we are out to fight the global war on terror. turn something that was a horrible catastrophe into something good. >> the uss new york will be open to the public starting wednesday. it will be here through veterans day and then it's off to its new home port in virginia. it should be deployed for active duty within the year a very special day for new yorkers.
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shep? shepard: no doubt about it laura ingle live in new york. thanks. afghanistan's special election is decided and not everyone is happy about how tended. it means president obama could soon decide whether to send more u.s. troops into the war zone. we're live in afghanistan and at the white house. plus, he is a convicted rapist and sex offender. but police say nobody noticed the bodies of six women rofting in some cases for years, they believe, in his own home. until another woman accused him of rape. tonight, new details and questions about what went wrong. and election day just hours away. but you can cast your vote right now. do you think tomorrow's races are a referendum on how president obama is doing? vote during the break. we'll show you the results of our unscientific survey. "the fox report" is back in a minute and a half. xxxxxxx
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shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is a special edition of fox report hd with limited commercial interruption. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. now that afghanistan has settled its political crisis, we can soon find out president obama's decision on whether to deploy tens of thousands more troops there just hours ago the election commission in kabul declared the incumbent harmid karzai the winner of the election after opponent pulled out of the planned run off. they consider the matter officially settled.
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all of that brings some small measure of calm to a country in turmoil. but, still, the violence and chaos that strained every day life and livelihood for that matter in afghanistan show no signs of abating that makes president obama's decision on troops as important as ever. we have team fox coverage of the war in afghanistan. wendell goler at the white house tonight. first, let's get to connor powell in afghanistan's capitol of kabul. conner. >> shepard, today's decision is being welcomed by the international community. many officials here in kabul wanted this two month or deal to be over. today we saw the head of the u.n. ban ki-moon here congratulating him. president obama called karzai congratulating him as well. there is concern that the end of this crisis may be the beginning of yet another president karzai may have been declared a victor but he lacks a legitimate electoral mandate.
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when fox news dana lewis spoke with abdullah u the challenger who dropped out earlier in the week. here is what he said about the incoming afghan president. >> i think most immediate challenge is how to give legitimacy to the future government. whether it will be seen as legitimate or not, that's, i think, the main thing. >> the main goal for president karzai now is to establish a level of legitimacy. as dr. abdullah pointed out, this ♪ something that can be bestowed on it upon the -- by the international community. this is something that has to be earned by the local afghan population here. and president karzai's government is generally considered corrupt and sometimes it's considered inept and dysfunctional. there is concern that this government that will now be led by president karzai is not the partner that general stanley mcchrystal talked about needing here in order to turn
7:32 pm
afghanistan around. the big challenge for president karzai is to earn the respect of all the afghan people and rebuild relationships with the international community. shep. shepard: connor powell live in tuesday morning in can a kuehl, afghanistan. thanks. president obama congratulated karzai today. he also warned it's time for what the president called a fresh start. harmid karzai ruled afghanistan since the taliban booted from power. now he gets another a year term as connor mentioned. if president obama gets his way things will be a bit different from now on. wendell goler with that part of the story live from the white house. hi, wendell. >> hi, shep. the president called the election messy but said it was settled in accordance with afghan law. now he can decide on general mcchrystal's request for 40,000 more troops. he told harmid karzai, however, some things will have to change. >> i emphasize that this has to be a point in time which we begin to write a new chapter
7:33 pm
based on improved governments, a much more serious effort to eradicated corruption. >> mr. obama spoke to karzai on the telephone shortly before talking to reporters without the afghan leader being a good partner, the white house says. no military strategy will work. now the election is decide, house republican leader john boehner said, quote, the white house has no further pretext for delaying the decision on giving general mcchrystal the resources he needs. boehner favors sending all 40,000 troops mcchrystal has requested. president obama is said to be looking at a more decentralized partnership with some of the regional governors that might require a smaller military footprint. >> i think the pro village approach going forward and if we can identify areas that can be stable on their own will certainly allow us to go with a lot less troops.
7:34 pm
>> rick nelson says the decentralized approach might also give the u.s. a way to put more pressure on karzai to clean up his act. shepard? shepard: wendell goler live at the white house. thanks a marine turned diplomat today defending his decision to resign his post. matthew was a senior representative in an afghan province. after six months on the job there he wrote this resignation letter in protest of the united states' policy. today, he told fox news that he stepped down because he believes u.s. government is going about things in the wrong way in afghanistan. >> i came to realize lifning to a lot of people that we are immeasured in a civil war and we are only taking one side in the civil war. additionally the casualties we are taking, the people we are fighting are fighting us primarily because we are occupying them. they see us as encroaching into their valleys and villages and fighting us because of that. shepard: u.s. diplomat richard holbrook has told the "the washington post" that the administration took his
7:35 pm
resignation very seriously but did not agree with all of his views. this is america's election headquarters on election eve for many of you. president obama obviously not on the ballot this year but some experts say his presidency may be, many some ways. the president himself has been campaigning in a couple of key states. so, tell us what you think. are this year's contests a referendum on president obama? you can vote in our unscientific we'll show you the results in a few minutes. first, john mcintyre, editor and chief of real clear is live with us from chicago. jon john, it's great to see you. thanks. >> great to be here, shep. shepard: i know that each of these races has its own individual significance to the people within those states. brit hume said earlier tonight that virginia maybe not as much as new jersey might be should jon corzine, the incouple dent democrat whose faivelt numbers have not been very high.
7:36 pm
shufdz he lose this race, brit suggested that might tell us quite a lot indeed. your thoughts? >> well, i do think the white house wants to avoid a sweep. and, therefore, they want to try to hold on to the new jersey governor's race. i think virginia is the more telling race here in terms of whether it's, perhaps, a referendum on the president. in the sense that, you know, this is a state that has two democrat senators. the democrats won the governor's race, two cycles in a row. president obama carried the state by six points. and the nominee creigh deeds in mid to late june was tied with mcdonnell in the race and that's when the president had his job approval around 60%. there is no question with the fact that the president's approval closer to 51.5% now has had an effect in that race and helped propel mcdonnell to his double-digit lead. shepard: given what we know about virginia how much is this about african-american turnout?
7:37 pm
he obviously brought out a large african-american population many of whom we were told at the time had not voted before. >> no. and that's a great point. that's part of the back story in this race. i mean former democratic governor wilder has not been an enthusiastic supporter of the democratic nominee that's what's lacking on the democratic side of that race. you are 100% correct. shepard: as far as can i tell from looking at real clear politics and elsewhere it, doesn't look like the african-american base is inner dispriz jizzed there. >> well, certainly not in virginia. that's right. and i think, you know, to go back to brit's point about new jersey, i think the white house and that's where they focused their energies more closely is trying to pull that state out. they don't want to lose both these key races. but the wild card in that race is the independent. and when dag g.p.s. get daght daghtd daght.
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it looks like christie has eked out to a small lead there. -- i never paid much attention to 23rd myself. one thing we do know there is a separation between what many republicans would call scoz, a scozzafava, a liberal she might call herself a moderate. scozzafava dropping out. what does this mean for republicans? >> it's interesting. i think there has been a lot of talk about whether this is sort of indications of a civil war on the republican party. but, if you look at how she was chosen, it pass more about, i mean, she was kind of put in there -- there wasn't a primary. she was put in by the g.o.p. leaders in that district.
7:39 pm
and i mean, she really -- she is the most liberal candidate in the race. you sort of had in a race a conservative revolt against her because it's not just on kind of social issues where, you know, in the past in the northeast whether it's christie todd whitman or chafee, may be more liberal on abortion issues. scoz scozzafava was for card check for the president's health bill for cap and trade. that's what energized the support for hoffman in that race. shepard: great to see you. thanks a lot. i mentioned earlier that we had a poll up at we asked if you believe tomorrow's elections are referendum on the obama presidency. this has been up all day long. earlier today it was running about 67% yes, a referendum. 23% no, not a referendum. now the numbers are off the chart. 91% of you have say it is a referendum. 5% say it's not. and the others not sure or other more than 4,000 people have
7:40 pm
voted. we will sleeve it up there for the rest of the now what maybe the most expensive campaign in u.s. history. at least local one. new york city mayor michael bloomberg could spend $100 million of his own money in a battle for a third term it seems to be paying off. right now the polls have him leading his challenger the democrat bill thompson by double digits. bloomberg was a republican. he is now officially an independent. some critics say he shouldn't be running at all since he pushed the city council to overturn the term limits law something he was against when rudy giuliani suggested the same thing is running. the associated press estimate bloomberg is burning through $35,000 an hour in this campaign. of course he is said to be worth more than 17 billion, so he can afford it he tries to acts like a regular guy. he takes the subway to work here in new york city and gets a salary of $1 a year from city
7:41 pm
taxpayers. he took some heat recently for taking a helicopter to a u 2 concert. catch complete election night coverage. we will begin things at :00 eastern time on "special report" with bret baire. we'll continue on "the fox report" and throughout the evening with a matchups the candidates and the results. and for even more up-to-the-minute coverage check on politics link near the top of the landing page. the only american automaker that did not take a taxpayer bailout is doing even better than previously thought. ford reported today it earned almost a billion dollars in the third quarter of the year. it credits cost-cutting measures and the government's cash for clunkers program. the automaker now to reporters expects to be, quote, solidly profitable by the year 2011. that mark as huge turn around for a company that hasn't posted a full year profit since 2005. now to chrysler. you'll remember almost five months ago the company was in
7:42 pm
chapter 5 bankruptcy protection until fiat, the automakers union and the u.s. government bought into it the new chrysler group is set to unveil new line of cars later this week. we are about to show them to you first. the italian influence will be hard to miss in the new chrysler lineup. fiat will scrap a number of chrysler models and bring the alpha mayo back to the united states and introduce a staple back to the market for the first time. greg burke is in italy to show you what we mean. >> the big rollout is on wednesday. fiat will be a big part of what chrysler has to show. basically two different cars here. and a very sporty car but not a very big one. alpha did try more than 20 years ago in the united states to break into the market with bigger cars. but they weren't able to do it. the problem was service. this time around they're hoping with the chrysler network they will be able to service this kind of car. a very sporty. they are trying to come, in
7:43 pm
compete with the type of thing like a minicooper. we will see if that works. perhaps more likely, even a smaller car, a suba impact. that is the fiat 500. it's been around for years. they redid it recently. really cool retrolook. sort of a thankshrunken volkswan beetle. it's easy to park. young person's car. not especially powerful. problem in the u.s. will be exactly that size. this is not the kind of car you want to get hit in. perhaps it could make it as a second car as a city car i have been talking to a lot of people about these cars today. i tried to tell them take two they are small. one guy told me said leave the cars, take the cannoli. shepard? shepard: now to a gruesome crime story unfolding now in cleveland. investigators say they are trying to identify the bodies of six women, all found in the home of convicted rapist.
7:44 pm
they say the remains were rotting, discovered last week after a woman reported being raped in that house. the suspect, 50-year-old anthony sowell, he is seen here now under arrest. is he a registered sex offender who served 15 years in prison for choking and raping a woman in 1989. another woman, who so far wishes to remain anonymous says sowell attacked her last december. >> he was going to kill me. he was. i mean, i have -- scars on my neck. i have nerve damage. shepard: the coroner's office says the bodies that the cops found were badly decomposed and that some of them may have been in that house for years. investigators said they noticed a bad smell coming from the place a few months ago or that neighbors did but they said they thought it might have been a natural gas leak. one other note. we're told authorities were monitoring this man by making home visits since is he a registered sex offender but they did not have the right to enter
7:45 pm
the home at those times since the suspect was not on parole and not on probation. well, fox news is on the job hunt. unemployment can be a chance to make a childhood dream come true true. like running away to join the circus. don't laugh. some people get paid to do this. we'll take to you trap pease school. and our very own jonathan hunt chatting live with some of you what's on your mind? what story from tonight intrigues you? letting us know during the commercial break. type quickly this is a special edition of "the fox report" with limited commercial interruption. the final one is now. we're back in 55 seconds.
7:46 pm
shepard: this could be a big week in the health care battle. house democrats getting ready to debate the bill they released last week. house republicans saying they are planning to read the entire bill outloud tomorrow. all 2,000 pages of it. g.o.p. leaders say they will use a tag team to get throughout whole thing. they call the government -- they call the plan a government takeover of health care.
7:47 pm
but they say it may break one of president obama's campaign promises. james rosen is live on capitol hill for us tonight. james? >> shep, good evening. republicans have spent the last 72 hours combing through the health care reform bill that house speaker nancy pelosi unveiled this last thursday. the bill was cobbled together from the three different versions that house committees produced this last summer it does include the so-called public option or government-run health insurance plan. the bill carries an estimated price tag of $1 trillion over one year's time. and it would extend health care coverage to 96% of americans. but, g.o.p. lawmakers and their private sector allies argued the bill's 5.4% tax on individuals earning 500 grand a year and couples earning 1 million a year would sock many small business owners and middle class employees with higher taxes. >> it looks to us like there is not enough in here to drive down costs. there is a lot of new burdens and taxes on small companies in
7:48 pm
here. on balance, what the house is talking about probably will do more to hurt. >> you know if you are a very small business that it costs you far more to provide insurance per person to your employees than a large company. so we want to make those economies of scale work for you. that's what health care insurance reform will do. >> by the time, shep, that the republicans get done reading the 2,000 page bill tomorrow, of the length of the bill will likely have increased, that's because house majority leader steny hoyer planned to add what is called a manager's amendment to the bill. fairly common but not uncontroversial document that can wind up change the wording of the substance of the bill that it gets attached to. shep? shepard: james rosen live on capitol hill. james, thanks. fox news is on the job hunt and today president obama said public and private companies have to do more to create new jobs. and perhaps more importantly jobs that pay well. in a meeting with his top economic advisors the president this morning said we have pulled the economy back from the brink
7:49 pm
as he put it he added we still have a long road ahead. >> we just are not where we need to be yet. we have got a long way to go. we are still seeing production levels that are significantly below peak levels and most distressing is the fact that job growth continues to lag. shepard: at the same time, the state of oregon today reports that federal stimulus dollars have created or saved more than 9,000 jobs there. they are the first state to do any reporting. of course, it looks good on paper but i'm told there is a catch. dan springer is live in our pacific northwest bureau. dan? >> yeah, shep. the catch is that 7 a% of those jobs either saved or created by the stimulus are government jobs, and critics say what oregon and other states are doing is essentially avoiding the tough cuts and essentially growing the size of government. now, government officials counter by saying what they are doing is helping those people
7:50 pm
who need the most help right now so they're spending millions on increased food stamps, unemployment benefits for the 11.5% of oregonnens out of work and paying teachers so they don't have to shut down the school year early. >> we have got a lot of people who are hurting in this state and around the country and the recovery act is putting money in their pockets so that they can get by and weather this storm. >> republican leaders in this state dominated by democrats say the stimulus is a failure because the jobs that are being saved are unsustainable. the government jobs cost more to create and taxpayers are on the hook for not only salaries in the future but all their health and retirement benefits. >> when all we do is just prop up government jobs with federal money, we haven't still addressed the long-term issue of creating local work in local communities. >> and at least one state economist agrees. he says the stimulus is
7:51 pm
lessoning the short-term pain but is going to prolong the recovery. shep? shepard: dan springer live in our pacific northwest newsroom. thank you. still on the job hunt, if you are looking for employment, how about flying with the greatest of ease? there is a new trend of folks training to become trapeze artists, believe it or not. people hoping their future are up in the air. >> while others arefying for unemployment insurance and wall papering the internet with their resumes, some job seekers are taking a different path. chasing goals they had long ago left behind. for this woman that means a thrilling glimpse at her future from high above the santa monica pier. >> good job. >> i'm a wife and i'm a mom and i'm a painter and artist and well, eventually i'm a trapeze artist, too. >> it's an aerial aspiration for this mother of two who hopes to one day fly inside a big top. >> i would love to be in the circus but i don't know if it's
7:52 pm
going to happen. it's like a dream. >> chest up. >> she dreams of spending a summer or two with a small circus, helping her family make ends meet by flying through the air with the greatest of ease. she is not alone. on this day nine other daring souls latched, in grabbed the bar and made the jump into the booming business of trapeze school. >> our main demographic really is women 19 to 35. i think it's sort of like extreme yoga in some ways. >> reminds me of doing jim nasa particulars and making your body react to what your brain says. so it's like really a workout that i enjoy. >> all right. because it's your first day we're going to learn a simple knee hang. >> trapeze schools can be found in cities 50 bucks a class. sessions run nearly three hours. no requirement other than a willingness to literally throw yourself into the work. by the end of the first session, even an aerobaticly challenged
7:53 pm
former ball player can grab ahold of a trapeze move. >> people are going one fear and coming down triumphant wow if i can do that what else can i do. >> people think of it as obscure kind of sport, once they try it they will realize wait this could be a trend. this could be something i could do every week, you know, for the rest of my life. >> heels lining up. >> growing up in rural indiana instructor elizabeth feldman never dreamed of performing in the circus let alone a career in teaching others how to fly. >> you feel like the smallness of the platform and vulnerability around you how it's just you and the bar and you are going to be swinging in air. you definitely get a big like exhilarating rush. >> at the end of the third kick you will let go of the bar and grab your knees. >> a thrill that brings many students back again and again. her husband wishes he could switch places with her. even her kids, once they get over the fear of ladders want to give it a try.
7:54 pm
>> my friend some of them say i'm crazy. and some others think that i have guts. >> even if you are strapped for cash, finding a new way to have fun or even start a new career like this may be the perfect release. in santa monica, california, adam housley, fox news. >> new york yankees have their chance to bring home 27th world championship tonight. they are up three games to one over the phillies from philadelphia. one more win and it's done. but easier said than done when you are playing the defending champs on their home turf against, man, an incredible pitcher. just ask the folks in easton, pennsylvania. it's halfway between, give or take, new york and philadelphia. and rick leventhal is there live tonight. hey, rick. >> hey, shepard, we are in the college hill tavern in easton about 72 miles from philadelphia and 72 miles from new york city a lot of folks here have been rooting for both teams for years because the phillies haven't
7:55 pm
played the yankees in the world sear series since 1950s so they didn't have to choose sides but they do now and it's tearing downtown right down the middle. at the confluence of the delaware and lehigh rivers nestled in the lehigh valley equal distance between new york and philadelphia historic easton, pennsylvania is home to 28,000 people. half yankee fans, half philly fans. >> yankees are going to win for my 40th birthday. >> jean, baby. >> in choosing the phillies are you worried you may have cost yourself some yankee votes? >> no. i hope not. >> the mayor grew up in the bronx but he has got pennsylvania ties now influencing his world series vote. >> if the yankees had made it and phillies hadn't, you would have rooted for the yankees? >> i definitely would have been a full yankees fan. >> as the yankees and phillies didn't you are a definite layoff philly's fan. >> definitely. >> the town's most famous boxing champ larry holmes who is
7:56 pm
picking the phillies all the way. >> if someone starts rooting for the yankees in your bar, are you going to throw them out. >> no. because they have a right to root for whatever you want to. >> are you going to beat them up. >> if you were rooting for the yankees in my bar, i would throw you out. >> the champ and i made a bet if the phillies win i owe him a pizza and yankees win he owes me a beer. i'm feeling good about that bet right now. despite what the philadelphia enquirer had on the back page congratulations phillies, earlier they jumped the gun a little bit here calling the phillies back-to-back champs. shepard: that was a bit early it will take seven games as we all know. rick leventhal halfway between the phillies and the yankees. deadly injury as welding supply company goes up in flames. our lead story on a fox trip across america. michigan, the police chief in marysville says people living in the area have been warned to stay inside due to the threat of
7:57 pm
airborne chlorine gas. officers report hearing several blasts. rescuers taking at least one person to the hospital. the police chief says a worker was removing a valve from a tank when it exploded. utah, highway patrol officers say two rock slides hit state route 92. that slide littered the highway with mud and borldz up to four feet across. a spokesman for the transportation department says the crews reopened the highway quickly though it is about to be shut down for the winter as scheduled. north carolina, a surveillance camera catching a deer swimming lapse in an indoor pool in gas tone i can't. the deer got in by jumping through a balcony in a glass roof at the apartment complex. the maintain nuclear weapons supervisor coaxed the deer to the shallow end. from there, it walked away. minnesota, halloween is over and the mall of america is wasting no time turning its santas loose, five dozen jolly old
7:58 pm
saint nicks singings christmas carol leres to unsuspecting shoppers and that's a fox watch across america. top stories are coming up. first, check back in with jonathan hunt our chief correspondent is answering your questions online. jonathan, what are you guys talking about. >> hey, shepard, we are talking a lot about health care a lot of people want to know what is going to happen when capitol hill eventually gets around to deciding very interesting comment from a physician derek late who says clearly we need some kind of reform. we are in an unsustainable situation currently and it's like the national debt. very interesting hearing from a doctor. a lot of people talking about politics. clearly they are going to be tuning in to fox news tomorrow to find out what happens in all those races. there is a lot of interest out there. one person naomi shep all the problems in the world would be solved if shep was president. [ laughter ] >> who am toy argue with that. shepard: i think anyone should argue that. >> shep 2012. shepard: not a chance. thank you, john thanget updating
7:59 pm
fox top stories tonight. feds looking to recall half a million pounds of ground beef after a suspected outbreak of e.coli. we are told two people may have died after eating tainted beef. on this day in 1983, president reagan signed a bill designating the third monday of each january as martin luther king day. dr. martin luther king jr. born in atlanta, his father a baptist minister. while he studied theology in school dr. king soon got involved in the emerging civil rights movement. in fact, he helped organize the first major civil rights protests. in 1963, dr. king delivered his historic i have a dream speech in washington. but in 1968, an assassins bullet struck him down in memphis. when president reagan signed the bill a king's widow stood behind him to honor a courageous widow 28 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, november the 2nd, 2009. i'm shepard smith.


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